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Birthdate:Dec 15
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Ex-government lawyer, London commuter, classics and philosophy graduate, Open University physics student, politics nerd, and Terry Pratchett and Doctor Who fan (but not necessarily in that order).

My journal ranges from amusing links and pointless memes to rants about politics and the usual whingeing about my personal problems (on LiveJournal? Surely not!). The more substantial entries are usually friends-locked, either for political content (because of my job) or personal stuff I don't want the whole world to know about.

If I've friended you it's probably because I've met you (or at least seen you around), either online or IRL, through some fandom-related means, most likely at a Discworld event or on AFP (where I am also mrslant) or the Cunning Artificer's forum (where I am Mr Slant). Or I may have just come across your journal and thought you were interesting. :-) Feel free to add me back. If you add me first, I'll do likewise. Have we met? I look like this:

and (when not in costume) dress like this:

My star sign is Ophiuchus.

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